Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moved by Fabric ~ French Journal Collection by London Portfolio

Whilst we are on the subject of fabric, I thought I would blog about this particular one.'French Journal Collection by London Portfolio for Michael Miller. It is a fabric that I have seen about the traps for a while and admired. I finally bought some of it. I tend to find that my creations that transpire are motivated by the fabric. Right from the initial fabric choosing, if the fabric doesn't jump out and grab my attention, saying 'pick me, pick me', then it doesn't make the cut. It's an internal drive response choosing fabric. I actually feel and hear something in my gut say 'I have to have that one'. Anyyway, this beautiful fabric has that effect on me and from what I have seen by other talented ladies, it has this effect on others too. I am looking forward to making with it. Like my books, I often put a fabric on the shelf and gaze and consider it for a while until I feel moved to work with it. I am looking forward to my creative dance with this particular fabric :)

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