Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gorgeous Fabrics to Inspire Creativity

I was going to write a post on the gorgeous fabrics by Tanya Whelan, however whilst researching her range I managed to delve into the internet abyss and found myself on a completely different designer's range of fabrics ~ Kaffe Fassett. It's funny, a friend of mine who absolutely loves Kaffe's bold prints and stunning colours showed me a few of his fabrics some time ago and they just didn't turn me on. Well, I just had that foaming at the mouth response from gazing at his fabric collection this evening. I don't know whether my taste has evolved after working with fabrics for some time or whether back then when my friend showed me his designs that I was just in a different design phase. I am extremely excited about what I am planning to make with this particular colour/design combo. Let's just say, it will be a matching set that will look just divine in a particular room of the house! Here is what I am planning to combine in my mystery creations!... This will be the feature fabric ~
Then these complementary fabrics will make the first 'pop' from the creation I have in mind (*wink)~
What do you think of this design/combo? Please be honest. It won't be everyone's cup of tea. What do you think these fabrics would look great made in to? x Tanya


  1. These three would look amazing on three covered boards, with each board being tall and skinny, and the three of them lined up next to each other on an empty wall!

  2. Excellent idea Nicole! This one may have to be the third product I create in this range as it will complement the other two beautifully! Thanks so much for your input and in taking the time to comment. x Tanya

  3. I love them all they are gorgeous nice bright and fun xx

    1. They are aren't they Justine? I went to bed with images of these designs ~ colours swirling through my head. I kept visualizing them on my bedroom wall as Nicole suggested. I think they would look really, really striking :)