Friday, March 30, 2012

When Fabric No Longer Fits!

Whilst on the subject of fabric, today has become a day different to the previous two. Earlier on in the week I was incredibly inspired and lashed out heavily on purchasing some stunning designer fabrics to make into new creations. Today however, I explored unintentionally the darker side of fabrics. WHEN FABRICS NO LONGER FIT. When fabrics have become excessively eased and stretched beyond an inch of their lives in areas of wear on one's person. When fabrics let you down and make you feel down about yourself. Yes. That's right. Today my pants split...
You are probably wondering why this would be blog worthy news and why would anyone want to hear about my split pants experience. You are not alone. I too, am sitting here wondering why I feel compelled to write this. But here I am and there you are too (if you are reading this). If not, at the very least, I am entertaining myself. There was a series of events leading up to the split pant fiasco and several moments of pause for thought afterwards that led me to surmise that this day of mine has been an inadvertent exploration of 'FABRIC THAT NO LONGER FITS'. Perhaps I will take you back to when my day first started...Well, I opened my eyes and had a little rush of excitement thinking of my fabric purchases online the night before. I briefly fantasized about the lovely creations I will make from these to-die-for fabrics and then the furtive sounds of toddlers climbing on the kitchen bench and possibly shoving little fists into the small hole on the lid of my thermomix, shot me out of bed and my fabric filled reverie. My day had started. So, kids fed, dressed and ready for the drive to school, I go to the bathroom to throw on my no-thinking-reliable-black-pants which I delude myself into thinking cover all my dimples and bulges. I can wear any top with these pants, so it is an easy, quick dress combo to go to kindy in, in the mornings. Well, once at kindy, little bear 4 wants me to sit beside him to do a puzzle. Kindy seats are really very small. I know that a size 10 or 12 yummy bottomed mummy will fit rather neatly into one and feel no strain what-so-ever on her seams, but for me, a thicker-set mummy-that-has-had-too-many-yummies, it is a challenge. It is also a rude reminder that you are no longer in your twenties or even in your thirties and that the forties are being not so kind to you. Or as my long time friend once said to makes you experience one of those 'Shallow Hal' type moments. When you think in your mind that you are smaller than you are and then you walk past a shop window and see a fat person reflected back and that fat person is you. Unfortunately however, I am not Gwyneth Paltrow acting in a movie and wearing a fat suit. I take my costume with me wherever I go. I can't take off my fat suit. Well, not quickly anyway. Moving on... I finished the school run and go home where I have a lovely chat with said, long-time friend. We chatter and laugh and commiserate over times gone by when we could eat what we want, not get down on the floor for a week and still display good mobility without creaking joints and slight ripping sounds of seams. We talk about how all the fuss and commotion is over turning the big '40'. Turning 40 is fine...a breeze...a non-event. It's after you turn 41 and creep up to 42. That's when the proverbial really hits the fan and you go 'wow!', I am getting old. I KNOW! I am sorry, this is sounding very depressing, but it helps me explain my story. So, I finish my comforting conversation with my friend and I think we both go away feeling mildy less worried because we are both going through fat-findings-in-your-forties together. I finally sit down to sew whilst bubs is having a nap. Time passes quickly and I cut it fine to wake bubs and get him in the car to do the school run again. Keys in hand, bubs in the other, I suddenly remember that bubs wanted to walk to his brothers class and I promised to put shoes on him for the afternoon school pickup. I find his shoes on the printer and make the snap decision to quickly, 'throw' my leg up onto the office chair, propping bubs on that thigh, whilst I one-handedly apply his shoes. In this one, normally smooth movement, I hear a loud RIPPING noise and then a cool breeze over my inner thigh, where previously it was quite snug and warm. The sound, the feel of the fabric letting go of its weft and weave cotton connection took a few milliseconds to inform my brain. I lower bubs to the floor, his shoes discarded, as I rub my other hand over my thigh. I felt skin where the fabric should have been, has always been. Until now. Until I got so fat that my pants gave up. The fabric had died, perished, given up. It was too big a job to contain this fat thigh that was constantly being rubbed against it's equally oversized fleshy neighbour. Which was still nestled clothed and smug. But not for long. Pants were removed and inspected. UNREPAIRABLE. They did not split at the seam. I couldn't deflect the blame from myself in developing stupendous thighs and think to myself...poor workmanship. I felt deflated. Reality hit. I HAVE GOT TOO FAT FOR MY PANTS. Running late now for school, bubs follows me to the bathroom and watches as I look for second best black-pull-on-pants that I delude myself into thinking hides everything. They have just been washed. I squeeze into them. Another not so subtle hint that when standing in my bathroom I am slowly filling up the void with my ever growing bodily mass. I can't wear just any top with these pants, as the waist band digs in too deep and graces me with a double whammy, cheese-on-the-side, muffin top with split tummy state of being. It's not an attractive look...muffin top (fat pushed up from waistband as well as fat pushed down from bra), then split tummy (where one's waist band squishes fat above burrowed waistband and fat under burrowed waist band). Anyway, dressed, ego feeling very bruised, I get to school and launch my ample body with child into the throngs of yummy mummies, sucking in my tummy, I throw my head high and try to convince everyone that I am one too. Unfortunately, my delusion gets shattered again not long after. One of the mums invite us over for a play after kindy. I thought it was just me and the kids going and I think to myself...'These pants should contain me until I get home and if I am very careful with the way that I move, bending over to children etc, my top should keep my double whammy tummy hidden from view'. Well the invite was for just a 'quick bevvy and the kids have a play'. I quickly discover that most of the mums from my mums group are coming over and they have brought, curries, pizza ingredients for the kids, pj's and jumpers to stay on until evening. I agree to staying for a few hours and settle in my seat with a small glass of wine and start chatting with the girls. I am not myself and feel rather self conscious. I limit partaking in the double brie and biscuits. The other mums are all 7 to 10 years younger than me and very slim and definitely yummy mummies. EeeK! I am surrounded. It's sink or swim. A bag gets passed around the table. In it is some lovely vintage tops, dresses & skirts. One mum friend holds them up against herself. She has a lovely figure. Some items of clothing are offered around. Unfortunately, I am not part of this particular conversation. Another reminder that I have dressed for comfort for way too long now. Two recent pregnancies and a stay-at-home lifestyle, I have accommodated to my lounge too much and allowed myself to spread. Fabric gets too pricey when you get bigger. You need more of it to pattern from and clothe your plentiful self. Driving home I appease myself with reviewing-the-day thoughts of... 'really, the reason why my pants split is that the fabric was a cheap cotton from China, which was just not able to stand the test of time'. I'm feeling okay again. That is, until this evening when I get out of the shower and go to put my undies on. They are new and the usual size I buy. Sliding up to the top of my thighs, they meet resistance. I rationalize to myself that they are new and they just need to be stretched a little. I try some more. NOPE. They come down again and off. Momentarily, I pause for thought. Mental note to self 'must cut back on biscuits'. I go to my drawer and look for my period undies. They fit and they are comfortable. It is a sad day when your period undies become your everyday undies and you can not ignore the fact that FABRIC NO LONGER FITS. x Tanya

Are you a Fabric Ferret or a Fabric Squirrel?

Little Bubble came over for a play whilst her mummy went shopping yesterday morning. After having a bit of a groove in the lounge room and watching Play school, little Bubble & little Bear had a lovely little picnic lunch outside on the grass...
Whilst sitting watching them take items of delight from each others plate and horde them in a little corner on their own plate, I got to thinking about my squirrel~type habits. As you all know by now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE fabric. I love everything about fabric. I love their texture when you get a great Organic Cotton one. There is a life and substance to the material. You can almost feel the growth rings that it was created from. A thick, weighty softness that is a joy to cut, handle and sew with. I love the smell of fabric, the new fabrication smell of un-laundered fabric that says 'I'm New' and inspires you to create something beautiful and 'New'. I love to look at fabric and their designs knowing that there is an endless possibility of new designs coming out at any minute. I like the process of 'testing' the aesthetic appeal of a fabric, seeing which one can get my heart racing and thoughts of inspiration and hope of what I may come up with next. All of this loving makes me spend an inordinate amount of time perusing the net and finding new fabrics that excite. Ultimately, it also leads to a lot (I mean a LOT!) of expenditure on fabrics! I sew and make, however my fabric supply continues to multiply and spill over my shelving. I more often than not, guiltily place more fabric onto my desk top or sewing table top, as I have run out of room on my shelving. It is at this moment when I connect with the squirrel~like behaviour in me. I convince myself that I am more in the business of being a Fabric Ferret who gets new fabrics in, makes with it and sends it off to it's new owner. I mean, don't get me wrong! I do, do this, however not quite at the pace that I should, or think that I should. If I am totally honest, I spend WAY too much time, looking for new fabrics, purchasing them and then waiting for them to arrive in the post. I say to myself "no more buying fabric until you have used some up". I said this to myself last week and guess what I have done for the past 2 days? Yep...bought a LOT of gorgeous fabrics! It's a little like my chocolate addiction...'I will just have this last piece of chocolate (because it's the weekend and I deserve it) and then I won't have anymore.' I should just add a disclaimer from now on...'and then I won't have anymore...until next time'... If you really love something, that next time comes around pretty quick! Another justification that a Fabric Squirrel will come up with is this...'well winter's coming and I will be holed in and I will need these fabrics with all the sewing that I will be doing'. Does that mean that I am a Fabric Squirrel Bear perhaps?? As a self confessed Fabric Squirrel, another good justification I can come up with is this one...'I will just buy this last lot of fabric...I can always do a destash sale on facebook or ebay'. But then I don't. Fabric squirreling behaviour is a bit of a phenomenon and I am sure I am not an alone squirrel in the world. I would love to hear about other squirrel's challenges with their squirreling habits and how they have overcome them or at least harnessed them. But perhaps, what could be really useful here as well, would be to hear from you FABRIC FERRET's!! Are there any FABRIC FERRET's in the house?? It would be great to hear from you and learn a little bit about the behaviour of a Fabric Ferret. These tips would also be hugely useful to help me and other Squirrels, gain some new ways of behaving with fabric. Better yet...are there any REFORMED FABRIC SQUIRRELS that have learn't how to become FABRIC FERRETS??? x Tanya

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The handiness of a Magnetic Pin Holder

Hands up who has one of these? Magnetic Pin Holders are a god send when you have little one's around you when you are sewing and wanting to 'help' you. I can't actually recall where I got mine now and I think it was close to the $10 mark...mmmm...I am thinking it was textile Traders? This little beauty is SO handy...
You can be sitting at the sewing machine, pulling pins out of your garment/creation as you sew and even if your magnetic pin holder is at arms length away, if you have a good aim, you can literally throw the pin in the air in the general direction of the pin holder and it will draw the pin to it! Magical qualities you ask? Sadly not, rather an extremely strong magnet. Just be careful when you bend down to the floor to pick up your tape measure that has slipped from your neck for the umpteenth time. You might find your glasses fly off your face onto the magnet like it did with me once! Anyone have those disheveled creating days when you feel like looking over your shoulder to check no one is watching you in your clumsiness? Sometimes when I am sewing at the kitchen table and I hear the 'tink' of pins dropping on the floor, I fear not, because once I have finished I just grab my magnetic pin holder. Holding it upside down in my hand I do wide sweeps in an arc around the general vicinity of where the pins dropped. Voila! No need to crawl around on the floor to pick up pins! I love it and can't do without it. I am thinking of getting another one to keep on the kitchen window sill as I am forever using one near the kitchen bench for ironing or in my sewing room. My kids will think it's for them because I often entertain them (deter them from playing with the sewing machine/pedal) by letting them play with the pins/magnet...shocking mother that I am! lol! Actually, It has really helped their eye-hand co-ordination and fine motor manipulation~dexterity of their little fingers...they have also learn't that there are sharp things in this world and they have to slow down and approach with caution! Another reason I find magnetic pin holders so useful, is if you are taking your sewing supplies to classes, workshops or traveling whilst on holidays, you can just pop the holder on top of your fabrics/supplies in your sewing bag and they are still there when you get to your destination. You might be thinking that with the way I am raving about Magnetic Pin Holders, I am in the business of selling them! I'm not. It's just such a handy tool to have for the craft/sewing room that I felt driven to write a post and share about them. If anyone knows where to get them and can suggest to our readers, please feel free to comment. I am sure they must go on sale somewhere at some stage. Feel free to let us know what your favorite Sewing/Craft room tool is that you can't live without. x Tanya

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gorgeous Fabrics to Inspire Creativity

I was going to write a post on the gorgeous fabrics by Tanya Whelan, however whilst researching her range I managed to delve into the internet abyss and found myself on a completely different designer's range of fabrics ~ Kaffe Fassett. It's funny, a friend of mine who absolutely loves Kaffe's bold prints and stunning colours showed me a few of his fabrics some time ago and they just didn't turn me on. Well, I just had that foaming at the mouth response from gazing at his fabric collection this evening. I don't know whether my taste has evolved after working with fabrics for some time or whether back then when my friend showed me his designs that I was just in a different design phase. I am extremely excited about what I am planning to make with this particular colour/design combo. Let's just say, it will be a matching set that will look just divine in a particular room of the house! Here is what I am planning to combine in my mystery creations!... This will be the feature fabric ~
Then these complementary fabrics will make the first 'pop' from the creation I have in mind (*wink)~
What do you think of this design/combo? Please be honest. It won't be everyone's cup of tea. What do you think these fabrics would look great made in to? x Tanya

The winner of the FREE OWL valued at $30 is...

Congratulations to Caroline L! You have won this gorgeous stuffed toy Owl handmade by me at Bubble & Bear!
Thanks to everyone who participated and thank you to everyone for your support and company. Here is Caroline's Owl that she won...
x Tanya

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Learning Curve happening here! Revised eligibility criteria for the FREE Giveaway!

Gosh, you think you are doing the right thing by moving competitions off of facebook so you don't violate any of their 'hidden' and changing rules and it gets so complicated! I have done a little digging and I have found out that someone may be following this blog however, they may not be showing up on my follower list because they do not have google or a google connect account. I don't think it is reasonable to request that people go and get a google account just for the purpose of joining this little competition. Unless you are wanting to access other google products or start your own blog, then it is really not worth the trouble for you. However a big acknowledgement and hats off to Gloria G, who was not discouraged and went and opened her own google account just to enter this comp!! So. (Sorry Gloria). I have decided to amend the criteria and make it so that people only need to click on my Madeit Store link, note how many creations are listed for sale and then come back and comment/write their answer either under this post or the previous one. Fingers crossed that this works!
I commend everyone on their efforts thus far in trying to achieve the previous criteria. I know how frustrating these cyber-techno facilities are when you can't make them work! So lets see how we go! Thanks! x Tanya

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rewarding our followers with a FREE Giveaway!!

To thank you all for your custom, following & overall fantastic company, I felt it was time for a little giveaway! This little beauty will be given to one lucky person!
To be eligible to win all you need to do is click on the 'Join this Site' tab to follow Bubble & Bear's Blog page and then click on the Madeit flashing button to the right. Once in our Madeit store, check out how many items we currently have listed for sale and then come back to our Blog page and in the comments section under this post, write your answer (ie. how many items are listed for sale in our Madeit store). Simple, hey? This little comp will run until next Tuesday evening (27th March 2012 ~ Winner drawn at 8.30pm WST) so if you are feeling particularly generous, you have plenty of time to share this post with your friends so they can be in the running too! Do you feel like being a good friend? Or do want to keep it to yourself to maximize your chances of winning? lol! Winner to be drawn via Good luck!! x Tanya

FREE Giveaway from Bubble & Bear

I have developed an overwhelming urge to give something away to thank our lovely customers and followers on facebook! I will be announcing tonight what the prize will be and how you can win it. There will be an easy question to answer and to be eligible, you need to be a liker of our facebook page as well as a follower of this blog. I will post a little hint a bit later as on as to what the prize might be.
See you tonight! x Tanya

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HELP! Where do I start with my new overlocker?

Okay, so I am extremely excited as I just bought myself a new overlocker today. Here it is...
The clever sales lady convinced me to upgrade from the model I was going to purchase which was a 'cheaper', on special one than this one, however this model 'self threads'. Now I am jumping the gun a bit here as I haven't even taken the Overlocker out of the box yet! I have taken the instruction booklet out but I am yet to read it. My neighbour popped around today and said she has the same model Overlocker, however it is a lot, lot older. I found this quite reassuring, because if they have continued to make this same model over the years, you would think it is a good one and in demand, right? My lovely neighbour said it is a solid machine which will last and last. She also gave me a nifty tip on the threading which will save heaps of time and stress!I will post about it later once I have actually used the machine! By then, I should be able to explain it better. The purpose of this post is to generate (hopefully) some discussion about this model Overlocker in particular, but also about overlocking in general. My question is this...when Overlocking fabric that is 100% Cotton, should you always use 100% Cotton thread, or is Polyester Thread okay for overlocking? My preference is to use 100% Cotton thread so that 100% Cotton fabrics do not get 'torn' by polyester thread, however I am a little daunted by the cost factor in purchasing those big thread cones in 100% Cotton. What is everyone's thoughts on this and various experiences? Thanks. x Tanya

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Boys Ragged Teddy Bear Pram Quilt~New listing on Madeit

Check out our new listing in our Madeit Store! Too cute!

Pink & Purple 'birdie' fabric just arrived!

Just opened my mail and I have heaps of this gorgeous fabric that has just arrived!
I can't wait to make more cutie-pie creations with this :) Do you have a favorite fabric~theme~colour~designer? Would love to hear about them and share. x Tanya

Monday, March 19, 2012

Little Businesses with BIG ideas & BIG hearts

I love these 'little' manifesto's by
I love the camaraderie and support of other women on facebook who are running their own businesses from their homes. I love that there are people who support handmade. I love that I have created this opportunity and live this life. I love that a 'little can go a long way' and that the possibilities are endless. I love that there is so much encouragement out there for women in small business. I celebrate little, because without being little you can't start off from somewhere. I love little. ♥
x Tanya

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gourmet Birthday Party, Last minute Applique Tops & Crocodile Cake!

Well the past 2 days have been spent preparing and enjoying my two youngest boys (4 & 2 years)combined birthday party. It has been all consuming and very little sewing has been done. Aside, that is for some very last minute appliqued singlets that I did for the boys. However, will get to that in a minny. So the boys have had the chesty cough they picked up from swimming lessons last week and then hubby and I came down with it over the weekend. Of course Man flu being as bad as it can be, I had to do all of the party prep myself and often with whingeing, annoying, naughty little boys hanging around, whilst feeling rather sub par myself. Let me tell you, that sushi is not a good thing to make with an inquisitive 2 yr old around who has a tendency to stool hop onto the breakfast bar and make lightening snap grabs at whatever he can reach. Fortunately I was able to employ the assistance of my 15 yr old at times to come to the rescue whilst hubby was laid up on the couch with THE worst cold in the world. Anyways, I was up until midnight last night, after a cooking fiesta throughout the day, making sausage rolls and the rice for the sushi and baking teryaki chicken drumsticks. I have a tendency to try and make a certain dish bigger and better. I did this with the sausage rolls. I wanted them to EXPLODE with flavour. They did, kind of:P I put fresh garlic in them as well as fresh parmesen cheese. I was a little too impatient to wait for the thermomix to blitz the chunks of cheese so I just put the mix into the puff pastry anyway. I think the extra 'wetness' from the cheese in the mix made it hard for the pastry to crisp up in some spots, so some of the sausage mix did kind of explode out in some spots. Either way they tasted nice but I must remember to follow recipes! So once the kids were in bed last night, I got onto making the cake. I had planned to just do the icing and finish it off in the morning. However, once I had done the basic icing layer to 'crumb' the cake, it was like one of my creations...I just had to see it through to the end so I could see what it looked like. Here is what my 4 yr old chose out of the party book for me to make. I was quietly pleased as he had mentioned a buzz lightyear cake at one stage :P
Once the kids were in bed for their pre-party afternoon sleep today, I packed two eskies, 5 carry bags with basic necessities, picnic rug, etc etc. I had 30 minutes until the kids had to be woken and put in the car when I remembered that I was going to make them birthday tops to wear. I had forgotten! Hubby still on the couch, I quickly grabbed the Owl singlet for the 2 yr old and cut out a felt number 2. I did the same with another singlet for Mr 4 and cut out a pic of Buzz and a felt number 4. I thought I would just use some iron on 'heat and bond' to adhere the numbers to the singlets. Perfect I thought as I wanted them to be removable so that they could wear the tops later on (I have a scottish heritage and can be a bit frugal at times). Anyway, all good in theory until after ironing on the number 2 I thought I'd give it a little stretch to see how it would sit over a little chest underneath. It peeled off on one side...der! Mildly panicky but determined, I rearranged buzz on the other singlet and ironed on number 4 and went off to the sewing machine. I heard the kids wake up but ignored them temporarily. Quick, long-stitch on the numbers so that they could be picked and removed later, I completed them. Dressed the kids, packed the car and made it to the party with 10 minutes to spare before the guests arrived. Here are the boys in their tops...
So what do I need to do next year to be more organized? 1. Don't get sick 2. Write more lists to remember stuff 3. Make boys birthday tops 1 week before 4. Have adequate medication on hand in case hubby gets man flu again x Tanya

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Moved by Fabric ~ French Journal Collection by London Portfolio

Whilst we are on the subject of fabric, I thought I would blog about this particular one.'French Journal Collection by London Portfolio for Michael Miller. It is a fabric that I have seen about the traps for a while and admired. I finally bought some of it. I tend to find that my creations that transpire are motivated by the fabric. Right from the initial fabric choosing, if the fabric doesn't jump out and grab my attention, saying 'pick me, pick me', then it doesn't make the cut. It's an internal drive response choosing fabric. I actually feel and hear something in my gut say 'I have to have that one'. Anyyway, this beautiful fabric has that effect on me and from what I have seen by other talented ladies, it has this effect on others too. I am looking forward to making with it. Like my books, I often put a fabric on the shelf and gaze and consider it for a while until I feel moved to work with it. I am looking forward to my creative dance with this particular fabric :)

Adorable fabric from the 70's...we think?

L@@k what my gorgeous friend Nikola gave to me today! Her mother-in-law was having a clear out of her fabric stash and found this. How lovely of my friend to think to give it to me...awwww :) We think it is from the 70's? Anybody else familiar with it? It's very cute and I have a few ideas brewing of how to put it to use! Anybody else see it being made into anything specific? x

See you on the other side: Old post from our old blog

I promised to post up this old post from our previous blog page. Here it is... 'For most new mothers in the throes of sleep deprivation and milk depleting brain fog, our true personality and attributes and natural energy becomes dormant. It is only after a substantial amount of liberating space ('me time') and SLEEP, do we start to get glimmers of our old self again...well, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it! My expectations of myself seem to never be met these days. I think I can juggle things like I used to however the constant interruption to my brains focus on a task and the relentless pulling at my thought stream by my 3 boys, brings me to my knees some days. It has been that long now since I worked full-time and made snappy, quick dialogue and decisions, that I am starting to question whether I have truly lost those skills rather than them laying dormant somewhere in my brain mush. Some say it comes back, others say it never returns. I guess I have to leave it for 'time-will-tell', as nothing I can do now seems to be able to engage the 'old me' back in the domestic picture for sustainable periods. Anyhoo, I decided to demonstrate some self kindness and not make too many demands of myself this week. After a week of gastro, then a stint in A &E with little bear 3 obtaining stitches for his split forehead (incurred whilst I was sitting at the sewing machine), the ever constant need to remain vigilant around my teenager and the demands of a clingy 18 mth old...sigh*** I have come to the realization that I don't have to be superwoman. I am doing enough. I can't take on her job as well! It is okay that at mothers group I dribble nonsensical (is that a word?) conversation and make reference to "that 'thing' that makes those 'things' do 'things". The other mother's all seem to know what I mean. It's okay that I refused to do something for someone this week as I think I would have dropped my unbalanced bundle I am currently carrying, had I added that task as well. It's...just OK. My brain will day. It will bring with it, my funny, witty personality and intelligent conversation, as well as my ability to focus and achieve well on all tasks as I multi them. My abundant energy and get-up-and-go (mmm...I may not come back...) will bounce back and I will take the time and care, to concern myself with how I have put myself together before I head out the door. That's something to look forward to. Isn't it? In the meantime, I will enjoy my vacantness (that has to be a word. spell check seems not to think so) and I will practice confidently on the real estate man with the sexy voice when he rings and bring myself together for a whole uninterrupted minute and grace him with my stunning ability to converse and sound efficient and in control and as somebody who KNOWS what they are talking about. It feels good for that fleeting moment when I hang up from that call, that I have convinced someone that I am competent. That is, until I turn around and see breakfast still on the floor near the highchair, dirty dishes in the sink, my unwashed face in the mirror and loads of washing in the laundry...there is always tomorrow to get on top it all' Anyone else feel like this, or am I alone here?

Have my children made my brain disappear forever??

Whilst sitting here at the computer enjoying the enjoyment-after-glow of announcing the winner of our 1000th liker on facebook competition, my two year old has just run inside with his brothers pj top in hand, soaking wet and covered in mud and possibly poo. He has just tried to put the top in the washing machine. I go to offer to help him, when I notice poo smeared down his inner thigh and possibly not-just mud on his fingers. I grab his hand and lead him back into the laundry where I see his attempt at entering his brothers pj top into the washing machine. Mud all over his little plastic seat, up the side of the washing machine, along the wall by the laundry sliding door and across the floor. We by-pass the washing machine to the back lawn. Turning the hose back on for him, I request he moves into the wide legged stance, bed-over-for-bum-washing-via-hose-nozzle-method, to which he agreeably adopts. Heavy nappy drops easily to the ground. With a quick glance at nappy contents and fleeting thoughts of his overall health based on his bum contents, we get on with the job at hand. Flat fingered approach up the bum crack with the assistance of gushing water and his bottom and legs are clean within seconds. Nappy disposed of, pj top washed off and slung on the line, I yell orders for his older brother 4, to tidy up the lounge as we are 'off to playgroup'. A quick assessment of the fact that I am not completely dressed and neither are the two little one's and the fact that I am still ensconced in the topic on my computer screen...I accept that we will be late for playgroup...once again. This reminded me of an earlier blog post I wrote on our old blog. I have copied it here as I feel there maybe quite a few of you can identify with the sentiments expressed. Will post it as a separate post as the link won't work :(

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Drawing the Winner of a $30 Voucher in celebration of reaching 1000 lovely Likers

In celebration of reaching 1000 awesome, lovely liker's, Bubble & Bear will be giving away a $30 Voucher (to be spent in store). To be in the draw, locate the $30 Teddy bear Voucher in our facebook photo albums, tag it and say which creation is your favorite and why. The winner will be drawn this evening via Share. Share. Share! Thanks!
x Bubble & Bear

Sunday, March 11, 2012

First Markets Mayhem...a comedy of errors!

WOWSER'S, what an experience...our first ever Markets. A comedy of errors lol! Firstly, my alarm didn't go off because it is stupid and only works if you leave it on through the night, radiating your head beside your bed and dwindling the battery down at the same time. So I left home without any breakfast or my morning cuppa. Once at the markets, the hive of activity and excitement was palpable. I carried my display ladder and seat twice around the winery where the markets are held. I was looking for my friend who I was sharing a stall with. She makes Japanese 'House Slippers' and also cuts hair. I couldn't find her. I had left my car near the entrance and other vehicles were jostling for position around it to set up their stalls. I found the manager and he said that my friend was waiting over the other side of the winery until he had worked out where we would be. Fortunately, some lovely stall holders were happy to watch my gear as I traipsed after the Markets Manager and went looking for my friend. She had booked a gazebo for us, however after chasing after the manager again, we learn't that there were no gazebo's left! This was not what we wanted to hear given that Perth was forecast for a 40 degree day! Anyway, we continued to hassle the manager (as did a few others) and he said that we could set up under a tree.
Initially we thought it could work and felt it was well positioned. Once set up however, we quickly realized that with the way the sun was rising we would never get shade. The next hour was spent relocating nearby tables, chairs and umbrella's to try and increase our shade. In the meantime, my poor friends mirror slid off the table top she had set up and shattered all over the floor! Well, the response from the other stallholders was just amazing. The profiterole man brought over his bin, another lady came over to help us clean up, another lady brought over her dust pan brush and another kindly offered the use of her mirror. My friend rang her boyfriend and got him to drop down their other mirror from home, which also fell over and shattered! We refused to believe the old adage about broken mirrors and bad luck! After a time, and feeling quite hot, we realized that we were out of the loop stuck in the middle near the food and that people were following the line of gazebos but not to us. Also, I was starting to get concerned about the intense sun shining on my products. So we hatched a plan to chat to two stall holders who had a spare bay between them which was located under some shady trees. Understandably, they were a bit tentative about our request to set up next to them as they didnt want their customers to be prevented from walking around the side of the tables to view their wares. However, they were very kind and agreed to let us move in next to them. We had to leave my friends hairdressing chair and table set up under the tree as it was plugged into power. So my friend sat over by the tree and I over in my new location. I had to place my table long ways though, so that people could access the bays next to me. After a time, my friend became obscured by a guitar player and I suggested she relocate her sign over to my table and for the rest of the morning people asked if I cut hair! I constantly redirected them over to my friend under the tree.
As you may have deduced, it was a rather messy first markets morning, however it was a terrific learning experience. I was so warmed by the offer of tips and welcome advice from the seasoned market stall owners. They were so warm and welcoming and it was a lovely feeling of community to be alongside them.
Will we be back? For sure!! I met some other really nice stall holders and it was great to share their passion about making handmade. Here are a few pics from the morning.
Anyone else have any first markets tales to share? Would love to hear them
x B & B

Saturday, March 10, 2012

In control of my day????

I am desperately trying to prepare for our first ever market tomorrow and feeling rather sleep deprived at the same time. There are 3 active boys in this household and some days I feel like my day just 'happens to me' rather than me 'making my day happen'. Anyone relate? I think whilst you have little one's, everything has to revolve around them and they make themselves your priority. Sometimes I have to just take a deep breath and just 'go with the flow'...sigh* x B& B

Friday, March 9, 2012

How is this for a work area setup? I would love it however, would probably want all the drawers to be multi coloured to make it a bit more inspiring to work in. What do people think?

It's all in a name! Our new wooden bear buttons :)

What do you think of our new teddy bear buttons? We love them! Will probably put them on older children's clothing & stuffed toys...they will look SO cute! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fabric Rolled Rosettes

I have posted this before on our old blog. It received quite a few comments from people who found it helpful, so I have repeated it here on our new blog page. Enjoy! So I decided to have a go at making these rolled Rosettes. I am making myself a hand bag and am thinking I will attach some of these rosettes to it. This is what I did. I cut out some of the fabric that my bag will be made out of, cutting them into 2.5cm x 30.5cm strips (no need to edge them which I love!) Then I tied a knot at one end of the strip and then with craft glue at hand, twisted and rolled the fabric around the knot, applying glue intermittently to secure the twisted fabric. I then applied a bit of glue on the back of the rosette for the final couple of cm's of fabric and Voila! I love them and think they will look great on my bag. I will probably use the hot glue gun as well as a bit of hand stitching to secure them to the bag. You can roll longer lengths of fabric to make bigger rosettes. TIP: A solid coloured fabric will give more colour and brightness as printed fabric will expose the wrong, dull side of the fabric when you twist the material. B & B

Our First Market!

* We have decided to do our first Market debut...excited, nervous, happy...all of the above :) Where: Palmer Winery Dunsborough WA. Please come down and see us this Sunday 7am to 12pm. x Bubble & Bear