Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Have my children made my brain disappear forever??

Whilst sitting here at the computer enjoying the enjoyment-after-glow of announcing the winner of our 1000th liker on facebook competition, my two year old has just run inside with his brothers pj top in hand, soaking wet and covered in mud and possibly poo. He has just tried to put the top in the washing machine. I go to offer to help him, when I notice poo smeared down his inner thigh and possibly not-just mud on his fingers. I grab his hand and lead him back into the laundry where I see his attempt at entering his brothers pj top into the washing machine. Mud all over his little plastic seat, up the side of the washing machine, along the wall by the laundry sliding door and across the floor. We by-pass the washing machine to the back lawn. Turning the hose back on for him, I request he moves into the wide legged stance, bed-over-for-bum-washing-via-hose-nozzle-method, to which he agreeably adopts. Heavy nappy drops easily to the ground. With a quick glance at nappy contents and fleeting thoughts of his overall health based on his bum contents, we get on with the job at hand. Flat fingered approach up the bum crack with the assistance of gushing water and his bottom and legs are clean within seconds. Nappy disposed of, pj top washed off and slung on the line, I yell orders for his older brother 4, to tidy up the lounge as we are 'off to playgroup'. A quick assessment of the fact that I am not completely dressed and neither are the two little one's and the fact that I am still ensconced in the topic on my computer screen...I accept that we will be late for playgroup...once again. This reminded me of an earlier blog post I wrote on our old blog. I have copied it here as I feel there maybe quite a few of you can identify with the sentiments expressed. Will post it as a separate post as the link won't work :(

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