Friday, March 30, 2012

Are you a Fabric Ferret or a Fabric Squirrel?

Little Bubble came over for a play whilst her mummy went shopping yesterday morning. After having a bit of a groove in the lounge room and watching Play school, little Bubble & little Bear had a lovely little picnic lunch outside on the grass...
Whilst sitting watching them take items of delight from each others plate and horde them in a little corner on their own plate, I got to thinking about my squirrel~type habits. As you all know by now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE fabric. I love everything about fabric. I love their texture when you get a great Organic Cotton one. There is a life and substance to the material. You can almost feel the growth rings that it was created from. A thick, weighty softness that is a joy to cut, handle and sew with. I love the smell of fabric, the new fabrication smell of un-laundered fabric that says 'I'm New' and inspires you to create something beautiful and 'New'. I love to look at fabric and their designs knowing that there is an endless possibility of new designs coming out at any minute. I like the process of 'testing' the aesthetic appeal of a fabric, seeing which one can get my heart racing and thoughts of inspiration and hope of what I may come up with next. All of this loving makes me spend an inordinate amount of time perusing the net and finding new fabrics that excite. Ultimately, it also leads to a lot (I mean a LOT!) of expenditure on fabrics! I sew and make, however my fabric supply continues to multiply and spill over my shelving. I more often than not, guiltily place more fabric onto my desk top or sewing table top, as I have run out of room on my shelving. It is at this moment when I connect with the squirrel~like behaviour in me. I convince myself that I am more in the business of being a Fabric Ferret who gets new fabrics in, makes with it and sends it off to it's new owner. I mean, don't get me wrong! I do, do this, however not quite at the pace that I should, or think that I should. If I am totally honest, I spend WAY too much time, looking for new fabrics, purchasing them and then waiting for them to arrive in the post. I say to myself "no more buying fabric until you have used some up". I said this to myself last week and guess what I have done for the past 2 days? Yep...bought a LOT of gorgeous fabrics! It's a little like my chocolate addiction...'I will just have this last piece of chocolate (because it's the weekend and I deserve it) and then I won't have anymore.' I should just add a disclaimer from now on...'and then I won't have anymore...until next time'... If you really love something, that next time comes around pretty quick! Another justification that a Fabric Squirrel will come up with is this...'well winter's coming and I will be holed in and I will need these fabrics with all the sewing that I will be doing'. Does that mean that I am a Fabric Squirrel Bear perhaps?? As a self confessed Fabric Squirrel, another good justification I can come up with is this one...'I will just buy this last lot of fabric...I can always do a destash sale on facebook or ebay'. But then I don't. Fabric squirreling behaviour is a bit of a phenomenon and I am sure I am not an alone squirrel in the world. I would love to hear about other squirrel's challenges with their squirreling habits and how they have overcome them or at least harnessed them. But perhaps, what could be really useful here as well, would be to hear from you FABRIC FERRET's!! Are there any FABRIC FERRET's in the house?? It would be great to hear from you and learn a little bit about the behaviour of a Fabric Ferret. These tips would also be hugely useful to help me and other Squirrels, gain some new ways of behaving with fabric. Better yet...are there any REFORMED FABRIC SQUIRRELS that have learn't how to become FABRIC FERRETS??? x Tanya


  1. LOL! Tanya!! Great post!! I am not sure what you would call me - I buy fabric for resale, but I buy the fabric I like so I can keep some for myself!! I also join a lot of swaps and do a lot of charity quilts so I am required to use up some of my gorgeous, yummy fabric. But before I sell it or use it, I enjoy every minute it sits on my shelves and on my counters and in the bathroom drawers and and in several closets and in the garage . . . Oh, yeah and in my studio!! I, like you, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fabric and quilting is my excuse to own it. So I must be a squirrelly charity ferret!! oxox Kris

  2. Hello Kris! Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read my post :) I LOVE the idea of fabric swaps! I might have to start something here. Good on you for doing the quilts for charity. It does feel good to make and give. That's a good idea too re storing in the bathroom draws...good hiding spot too! I guess though, if you have bolts of fabric you will need more storage... Yes, I think you do sound like a 'Squirrelly Charity Ferret' and good on you for it! x Tanya